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by Kevyn Clark

and the world functions
each part reliant
on our take
and individual definition
and love
and the heart beating
and blood coursing
reaching home and venturing out again
and the fingers
and hands
and limbs that move
and the air
and the love like an ocean
with waves breaching sands
and we are all so high above this
clutching ledges
afraid of letting go
afraid to fly
and land
and all of this
is still
and always just a part
pieces of this thing
and it all begins day after day
and gravity
arrests it all
and all of it
comes back down
into the arms of this world
where love is
where you are
and all of this below us
and all the earthly things
and gravity pulls us together
and we
let go
and the sigh that you hear in the wind
will be me
taking one final breath
before I fall

 (for MH)

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