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An Illogical Light
by Mima Pereira

A light rides east and west, circles the tin-wide ocean
is shaded sometimes in, sometimes not, by the tall and taller
buildings that shelter the streets like over-grown pianos.
Distant mountains stand dark, wrapped in their own shyness.

The trees in my courteous garden
did they ask to pray there?
The same gray haired rooftops
same waiting for the sunís sketchy light
I never dared believe in light
it seemed a sexless angel moving to embrace me
I who long for Gabriel
touched his hands but could not tame them
would never be acquainted with their lifting gestures
knew well his out-stretched beauty must hold back.

Is there a jealous angel?
Perhaps it is God that vanishes angels
disfiguring them for the journey
leaving an illogical light in the midnight sky.




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