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Ode to my Harrydog
By Sara Wadington

Oh straggly little dog
He wonders so
His head tilts this way and that
Staring at this lighted screen
As on the keyboard my fingers tap
Such bewilderment at my doings
While he sits upon my lap

Faithfully watching
As I type this nonsense
Perhaps it's the sound he does like
Or just being in my lap
Oh please stop licking my hand
It makes it sooo hard to type

But still he sits upon my lap
As doggy sleep begins to call
His head begins to nod
I kind of have to hold him up
As he starts to fall

Suddenly the cat runs by
And, Ouch!
He springs off my lap
Many pardons his eyes say
"I have to chase the cat!"

Life is such a promising thing
To a fluffy little pup
My straggly little super nut!
He really keeps my spirits up~~~:)



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