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The Trip
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

One night while I was in my bed
When all was hushed and still
A little furry mouse
Crept 'cross my window sill

I sat up in my tiny bed
And bid the mouse "Hello"
He said, "I'm off to see the world
Would you care to go?"

The mouse's name was Michael
Just the same as mine
Mike and I became fast friends
We hit it off just fine

Down the stairs we went
Michael lead the way
Across the lawn we scampered
There was no time to play

We wandered up the gravel path
And down the country lane
About a half a mile from home
The sky began to rain

Mike and I took shelter
Beneath a big oak tree
And built a ship to carry us
Across the rainy sea

Michael took my handkerchief
And made a sail of white
Filled with wind it billowed out
Against the starless night

We sailed down past the drugstore
Then wound up in the park
It all looked very different
When all the world was dark

We wandered through the woods
And out the other side
And found us in a graveyard
Where many men had died

We picked some lovely flowers
And placed them on a grave
We weren't the least bit frightened
We both were very brave

Then we hurried off to see the world
Before it got too light
The only time to see the world
Is very late at night

We traveled all around the world
There was no place left to roam
We both were very tired
And longed to be back home

When we finally got there
It was very late indeed
So we shinnied up the drainpipe
Michael in the lead

I found a tiny matchbox bed
And covered it with silk
Mike and I discussed our trip
While sipping on warm milk

I waved goodbye next morning
And watched him climb the fence
He left about a month ago
And I haven't seen him since


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