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Beached Here
(First Summer Apart)
by Andrena Zawinski

I want to tell you something
as waves spin the shelly sand,
slap and slosh against the barnacles
and green slick of moss on the jetty rail.

as gulls careen and skim the shore for food,

I want to tell you in crane calls
darting between the spin and dive
of splashy kites that your promises
are riddling my dreams.

I want to tell you in this long day of days lost,
that I am beached here with the memory of you,
your dark eyes, the way the salty spray
collected on your cheek and shimmered.

I want to tell you something

as water retreats further from the shore,
tell you I've stayed too long in the sun again,
that a seabreeze soothes the heat beating down.
I want to tell you something, as the thought of you

digs in spiny sharp along my new layer of skin.

--"Beached Here" appears in a slightly different form in
Traveling in Reflected Light by Andrena Zawinski,
139 pages, Pig Iron Press.

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