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Queen of Mysteries
by Marc Power

Hear the Ash and Elm, in Rowan's song:
Gray Ravens cross the sky from west to east
As Weeping Willow sadly mourns the Sun
And sorrow drains the heart of every beast
Behold, the constellation in full swing
Sets, sensuously in the darkling west
My ardor dies as each star seeks to sing
Endeavouring to sate desire best


And silent bides the constant spring of self
Unbidden, lofty Fae, Goblin and Elf
Are gathering beside me as I rest
Upon the Faerie circle of the blessed
And the Queen of Mysteries, tonight
Comes forth dressed only in the pale green light
Her beauty structured by a coppered heart
Such cheeks ridged gently with the finest art

Sweet royal splendor dances 'twixt the vines
Each sway bewitches in her smiles demesnes

Behold, she dances raindrops in the dell
Glittering, begemmed and jewelled well
And I am thrummed by passes to a lull
My mind entranced, my wits numbed slow and dull
So when she asks me, "Would I steal one kiss?"
Thoughts rebel, my body whispers: "Yes"
"Shall I love her, each and every way?"
Lips that once were mine speak fervent: "Aye!"

And so I entered Fae, the land of wiles
Life's traceries forgot, as my Queen smiles
Her eyes the sky of azure, cloudless climes
Her touch, music beset with stellar chimes
And hair, her cornsilk weaves within my heart
So lost, the earthly realm I set apart
For I shall live forever with the Fae
As all my mortal limits wash away

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