Welcome to Luna Sees the World. My illustrated Children's book. There are 34 illustrations done in water color and ink. the original size is 10" by 12" but I sized them down considerably to fit into a smaller file format for loading into these pages.  They will take a while to load, and I broke them up into four separate pages.  Also I would like to thank Sharmagne and Kaila from QuillandParchment.com for helping me edit my story.  And  I thank you for your patience in waiting for them to load up and for visiting my little turtle story!


You can download Luna off my iTunes store too~~:)



Luna the turtle wakes up and watches the sunrise outside her window.  
" I wish I could go outside today." She sighs wistfully.




"Good Morning, Luna!" Says Tara, who is on her way to school.




As Tara Plays with Luna,  Max watches sadly.
"Tara spends all her time with that turtle! 
She doesn't love me anymore..." Huffs Max to himself.




As Tara left for school she let Max out and Luna watched from her
tank in the living room. 
"Tara and Max can go outside any time they want! 
They have forgotten to build me an easy way out of my tank so I
can go too! 
So today I shall find my own way out and see the world!" Said Luna in a most positive manner!



So Luna swims to the edge, pulls herself up and then,
over the side she goes!!




As she fell she thought, "I hope I land on something soft!"




Luna bounced from the chair and landed on the rug with a "Whump"!




"What fun, I'm out!"  She laughed.
So Luna started walking. 
She walked across the floor......




And right out Max's doggy door!




"Look at all the pretty flowers!" Gasps Luna in amazement. 
"Outside is always so beautiful. 
I think I'll walk just a little further and see what lies beyond."



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