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Imaginary Dreams
by Jim Bennett

each morning
I wake and tell you about
my imaginary dream
our new house out on the peninsula
described in room by room detail
the gardens dropping down to the Dee
the swimming pool
the tennis court
our holiday in Paris
though location changes
it is always romantic
and shows us in a good light
romantic evening walks
kissing on a bridge
then naked making love

walking in the sun
on the promenade in Monaco
a Mediterranean table
sun dappled under trees
all our friends and family
and no flies

the loft conversion
the new kitchen
the children happy
the waking dreams
turned into imaginary ones
everything how it isn't

and you tell me
of dreams
two people happy
sharing places
building memories together
finding secret places
being what we aren't
but would like to be

I never tell you about my real dreams
they are the  ones in which
you have left me
and I am on my own

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