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~By Sara Wadington~

This is a little children's story I wrote and illustrated.  I modeled Narble after a pet newt that I had once. 

    It was edited by Janet Leister.



I thought I was a Dragon

Swimming in the Sea




Awesome, proud and fearsome

in my mighty majesty !



The winds will blow because I breathe. 

Giants quake in their knees,

The clouds will tremble, mountains shake

   A Hurricane if I sneeze!



I can make the waters dance  

if I splash my tail by chance!




So, I took my fearsome Dragon stance

upon my favorite rock,

and gazed out across my Kingdom

from this fitting lofty spot.



Such high thoughts of self

one day were chased away, when

an earthquake trembled and

the land rose up to say,


"Excuse me, if you wouldn't mind,

I wish to sun on this rock

for a time."



A mere Turtle wished to claim

my royal Dragon's Rock! 

In my presence? On my rock?!

Allow this I would not!! 

I rose up high and puffed out my chest. 

And I said with all my might:

"You do not know with whom you jest! 

I am Narble the Dragon, the very best!!!



The Turtle looked down at me

much amused, and laughed

"You're only a little nothing newt. 

One of a million I've seen today. 

Puny and insignificant.

So now scoot newt! Get out of my way!!"



And so as the Turtle mocked

I left my favorite Dragon's rock. 

Out of the light and into the night,

I headed off to far away.



Dark and dreary, my eyes all teary,

I traveled on through the night.




As the sun rose full and bright,

I found a spot on a crowded rock. 

They all appeared to me to be

the million other newts

that mean Turtle had said he'd seen.




As the crowd crowded, I was pushed off the edge. 

For me there was no space!

So I sank to the bottom,

way, way down

to a place where icky things lie. 

Forever in hours I stayed in this place,

and I cried and cried and cried.




Then there in the darkness

a thought dawned on me;

maybe there are a million other newts,

...but just like me? 


Why, it just couldn't be!!




Narble, I thought, this could be! 

So what if I'm not a Dragon

swimming in the sea. 

I am what I am, and a glorious Newt I be !!




Smaller than a Turtle, yet bigger than a Flea. 

I know now a Mighty Newt I be! 

Narble the magnifinewt!!! 

That sounds right to me!


The end

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