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Ode to Weimar
by Ines M. Weber

"Who am I" you will ask, incredulous as you may be
I am the one who served the tea
And even though just seventeen,
Iíve lived to see
The Golden Age of Literacy.

Weimar, youíve gathered in your open arms
The greatest minds of Germany.
You, poets, writers and musicians too
My duchess loved to have you come
For endless talks on What is new? What else youíve done?

Amalia (my lady) and Carl August asked to see
That cake and tea was there aplenty
This was MY job, wouldnít you know.
Sometimes Iíd take a peek and listen for myself
Didnít get much of it, but it was fine with me.

In dreams I walked with them along the streets
With grand old buildings, markets, and loud kids.
Would stop by the theatre, watched the play
Mephisto... Dr. Faust I believeís the name...

The smells of wisdom, culture, penetrate the air
Even Napoleon did once bow down and spared
The whole town, donít you know.
It was my lady who had asked him so.

Do come to Weimar, please, just call on me
Iíll take you down the path of history
Gingerbread houses, basking in the sun
Beautiful gardens, castles, markets, all around.
The cake, among the very best, and music
Wouldnít some Liszt now be quite fun?

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