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Snug Harbour
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

She reminded me of Snug Harbour
Perfectly starched white shorts
Thin gold chains from Tiffany
Worn on aristocratic ankles
Below shapely suntanned calves
The exotic, erotic scent of Bain de Soleil
Sailboats dotting a ginger horizon
Adirondack chairs with chintz cushions
Displaying huge floral prints
And banana leaves.

She reminded me of Nancy Drew
And Ned Nickerson in his white linen trousers
And Panama hat
Arrow shirt sleeves rolled up
Lobster bakes at eventide
And campfires ítil midnight
Slow dancing in the headlights
Of a baby-blue convertible roadster
Then snuggling in the back
Under a plaid lap robe
Stolen kisses

Strawberries and champagne,
Cucumber sandwiches at the regatta
Country clubs and trips abroad
Belgian chocolate
Cut flowers in a cut crystal vase
In the foyer
Radcliffe or Wellesley in the fall
Heirloom diamond engagement rings
From a fourth generation
Harvard undergraduate law student
Weekends with his family in the Hamptons

She said I reminded her of Coney Island.


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