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Write Me a Poem in a Yellow Dress
by David Matthews

Write me a poem in a yellow dress
Barefoot and freckled
Hurl a rainbow into the blue
For a bandanna dog to chase down
The green in spring grass rich as memory with me still
Echoes of Desolation Row
And a wealth of book dreams

Paint me a painting in a yellow dress
The wind in your hair
Dark as waves that crash on the beach at midnight
A tremble of light far off
As the shoreline recedes in the distance
Through a mix of blues and greens
When the fingers of the harpist brush across the strings

Make me a thing made in a yellow dress
A thing of spirit in the form of breath
The taste of a word on your tongue
The feel that is blue on your eye
The touch of air on your skin
When the light softens at dusk


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