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The Day Before Spring
by Kay Weeks

When the sound
Of ocean waves
Is playing,
It puts Camilla to sleep.
Such a connection
Should not be dismissed.

Even a cat, shy of water,
Came from water,
Out of the sea
Where all escaped hideous
Antennaed monsters,
Then crawled into an equally
Harsh existence on land.

But not for her, not here.
She is contained by the chair,
A bed, the ocean, my love.

As I watch Camilla sleeping
I tell myself
to be silent with her,
Listen to the ocean breathing.

But I digress.
The line I wanted to use
Does not fit in at all here.

There is more spirit
In one stalk of celery
Than all the words of ancients,
Seers, preachers, philosophers,
And poets.

Listen with me.
Go to sleep.
Feel your life,
Then quietly die.
Let the earth be fed.


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