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Cosmic Egg
by Brendan McBreen
168 pages/118 poems
ISBN: 978-1-936657-26-1
Price: $15.00
MoonPath Press
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Cosmic Egg by Brendan McBreen (MoonPath Press, 2017) is a universe in a book.
Brendan's poetry ranges from the physics of deepest space to inner struggles
of identity and depression. But all throughout there is light, sometimes dim
and flickering, often times outrageous, funny and insightful.


Brendan McBreen's spare poems in Cosmic Egg combine humor, science, philosophy
and life experience in whimsical harmony.
—Jeannine Hall Gailey, author of Field Guide to the End of the World

Brendan McBreen has a unique gift for mixing math, science, philosophy, and
whimsy in his poetry; this talent is on full display in Cosmic Egg, and stirs
the philosopher and physicist within us all. This collection also explores
difficult life experiences—gender identity, depression, abuse—with moving
—Cindy M. Hutchings, author of Tree Talk

Brendan McBreen's Cosmic Egg (Moonpath Press, 2017) is a gorgeous collection,
both lush and minimal at the same time. Each of these poems deserves to be
savored; most are short, sparely word gems loaded with impact, a la Kay Ryan.
Some unpack a broad, philosophical theme in just a few words, while others are
intensely personal. A unique wit and wry sense of humor run throughout, too.
All in all, this is a beautiful collection…highly recommended.
—Laura Allen, author of The Quiet Year (Two Ponies Press, 2017)


Brendan McBreen is a poet and workshop facilitator with Striped Water Poets in
Auburn Washington. He graduated from Auburn Riverside High School, attended
college at Green River Community College, the University of Phoenix, and Monash
University in Australia. Once long ago he earned his black belt in karate from
the American Karate Escrima Association. As a regular attendee of various poetry
and literary events, (such as Burning Word, the Skagit River Poetry Festival, the
SPLAB! visiting poets series, and Poets in the Park) he has taken classes presented
by many notable writers including: Wanda Coleman, Diane di Prima, Christopher
Howell, the incomparable Jack McCarthy, former Washington State Poets Laureate
Kathleen Flenniken and Elizabeth Austen, and many others. Brendan is an event
coordinator with Auburn AugustFest and the Poetry at the Rainbow Caféreading and .
open-mic series. He is a former coordinator of the August Poetry Postcard Project.

He writes sci-fi poetry, haiku, is a surrealist, a humorist, a Seahawks fan, an admirer
of crows and cats, and a life-long collector of weirdness. He is a student of Zen and
Taoist philosophy, Wicca, psychology, and various other esoteric ideas. He is a collage
artist, an occasional cartoonist and sometimes still paints.


by Brendan McBreen

long after
our wars
and our pollutions
fail to kill us

and the Earth we cling to

will return
to the dust
stars are made of

no whispers
no bangs
just cold heat
from a dying sun
a final embrace
of light

the small hopes
we have
into endless oceans
of time

nothing more
than graffiti
on the universe
saying only
we were here
we existed

even these
will be lost
among gathered dust
and debris

until they burn away
across the sky
of some distant planet
born eons after
Earth's demise

a creature there
may find
an odd relic
and say to its fellows
these metals
these etchings
cannot be made
in nature

amid phosphorescent
flickers of dissent

this creature

will be laughed out of the room
into cool night air
where it will tilt
its sensory protuberance up
to better hear
the stars

and think
just maybe
we are not

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