I've Come to Know
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John
      (after an oil on canvas by Mary McInnis)

I've come to know that sun dappled path
through the spinney down to the river.

Sometimes when I dream about you,

you're already wading the river,
your fly rod at 10 and 2
then the monofilament billows out
and the fly you've carefully crafted
hits the surface of the stream
and a second later I hear you call out,
"I got a strike!"

You jerk the rod to set the hook.
Then the whirr of the reel
as the steelhead runs...

You follow him downstream,
gingerly manoeuvring across
slippery rocks and uneven
sandy shoals.

Then I awaken and know
I won't be having steelhead
for dinner tonight,

but I'll follow the trail
down to our river,
sun myself on the boulders
and wish you were still here.


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