At Last
by Gail Denham
   …ekphrastic per "Light Across the Trail" by Mary McInnis

It's been a dark and stormy year so far.
The path ahead is strewn with rocks
that cut my feet, bring sweat to my brow,
trip me, make the future seem impossible.

I want to curl up inside one of those hollow
old-growth tree stumps in this dark place.
I know they would shelter me. I know
there's comfort in the old, the familiar,
those secure places I've always known.

Still, I must forge ahead. Wasn't in me to cower
in fear, trembling lest unexplained terrors open
a fissure, and, like Alice, I fall to insanity

Then I turn a corner. The dirt path
is smoother here. And ten feet ahead
the sun has broken through, has found a way
through the trees. It brightens, cheers.

A shaft of bright hope now lights my way,
I dance my praise, lift hands to One who sees all,
carry the courage with me for the journey.


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