paris match
by Anne Tammel

i wandered in
to Shakespeare
and Company,

the first time
those words,
a secret

of my heart
brought you
(my dream)

to life again
those sounds,
predilection, pure
music, a ring…

in velvet chair
i discovered
those truths,

words broke
the silence
of my (sad) soul

then you arrived,
once silent, now
imprint of me

we wandered those streets
of Paris, bought culottes,
silk shoes, soaked
in a moonlit oval bath

that music: a pure
tempo of me, nothing
so, ever, except
all you bring…

poetry had stopped
for me, a deaf silence
cast over/around my
trapped heart

now: what
music unceasing, what
singing, high, from
tall branches of
those trees

now i am rich: again,
i believe in music
of Paris, of Sappho,
of poetry…

i have, in you,
my life, however
you shall be…

a song in my heart
our music, our most
quiet mystery:

you and i
set free


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