Stephanie Wright:
I take all of my photos with my phone, I'm a classical pianist, and I am passionate about exploring and living on Cape Cod. I began seriously doing phone photography in 2019 after I captured an amazing sunset while renting a house in Falmouth with a fabulous view. After that evening, I would chase sunsets and capture New England nautical scenes -- posting them on IG to share with the world. It is my pleasure to show people Cape Cod and New England in my own way and inspire other people to pursue their own personal connection with the every day beauty that nature has to offer.


Marco  de Julia:
I am an amateur photographer, my first experience with photography happened with a cheap Kodac compact digital camera, but it was only a few years later, around 2014, when i bought my first Nikon entry level digital camera, D3200, that i started my activity as photographer, mostly about landscape photography and travel photography, moving a couple of years later to a more advanced digital camera, a Nikon D7100 and around 2018 joining the mirrorless world with my Fuji X-T20 which i currently use. Even though my main photography is about landscape, i've always found it fun to try many different style of photography, astro photography, urban night photography, here and there a little of street photography and also a bit of portrait, i also like to photograph animals, especially cats, and also flowers with a little of macro photography even if i'm not equipped with the right lenses for that genre. In the last year i'm interested in new photography tecniques, especially the manual multi-exposition mainly for urban night photography.



Ben Tero:
Ben is an amateur photographer based in Southern Maine. He grew up in Portland, and attended University in northern Maine, where the beauty of Maine was just a short drive from campus. He has always been captivated by landscapes, and specifically water and the ocean. Being in Maine, this has led to an affinity for lighthouse photography. Ben can often be found down on the rocks with his tripod, or getting his feet wet at a local beach.


Peter Den Uyl
Peter is a Dutch photographer who is also a moderator on Instagram's ig_discover_holland.  Peter is especially  adept at reflection photos as well as sunrise and sunset captures and all the other wonderful vistas available in Holland.


Rick Macomber:
Rick is a multiple Emmy Award winning photojournalist from the Boston area with over 25 years of experience in broadcast TV news and cinematography. Rick is also a landscape and wildlife photographer.


Garry Frayne:
Garry is an established professional freelance landscape photographer based in Perth, Western Australia who specialises in capturing fine art images of dramatic landscapes and coastal seascapes. A firm believer in the capture of images that either convey an emotion or portray a story, often his own, he also strives to present thought provoking images which stir emotions either from experience, connection or reaction.

Featuring heavily within Garry’s portfolio are images taken throughout Western Australia, ranging from the rugged and often wild South West, to the isolated and harsh, but stunningly beautiful North West and beyond. Locations include the Pilbara, Kimberley and Margaret River regions encompassing Dampier, Broome, Dunsborough and Perth to name just a few. Whilst currently biased towards Garry’s home state of Western Australia, expect to see images from around the world being added to the portfolio as he travels and searches for amazing landscapes and coastal vistas

Sharmagne Leland-St.John
Lighthouses have always fascinated me. I try to photograph them whenever I am close to one.  I was very happy to be able to capture this one when we vacationed in Venice, Italy over Easter week 2019.  Last autumn We drove up the Oregon Coast and made it a point to stop at every single lighthouse along our route to photograph them from all angles.



Dusty Damsgaard:
Dusty is a photographer who shoots the shorelines of Michigan. Whether it be sandy beaches of Lake Michigan or the tempestuous waters of Superior, he can be found shooting lighthouses all throughout the year. Enamored by the history of the region, he endeavors to share and educate others about the peninsula’s lighthouse keepers, shipwrecks, and other often forgotten tales.

Manon Roosjen:
30-year-old , Manon, works as an IT consultant. She’s a huge sports fan, and plays football, runs, and cycles on her racing- and mountain-bikes. Manon lives in the Netherlands and is a starting photographer. She used to capture mostly her pets (2 Siberian cats  and 2 rabbits, but now she’s  switched to landscape photography.

Seth Tichenor
Seth photographs landscapes in and around  Port Elizabeth, Maine.


Mauricio Almay
Mauricio enjoys hiking and trying to share a bit of the beauty he sees in the world via his camera lense.


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