Beneath the Taos Sky
by Michael Escoubas
After the photograph by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

It is midsummer.
Spring’s exuberance has retreated
and Winter’s blustery intimidations
still a long way off.

She sits at rest
on her front porch in a moment
in which time suspends itself;
where a knife-like sliver of sun

plays valet, costuming clouds,
in floor-length gowns
of deep blue ribboned in russet–
regalia for a country soirée.

She floats away,
in a carriage staffed by footmen–
arriving at the ball
she stands beside the punch bowl

and as the orchestra plays,
a suitor bows, offers his hand …
fantasia, in one twinkling
moment beneath the Taos sky.


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