As the Palette Wakes
by Jane Lang

Blue irises claim their place
a spring bloom, an alpha
of the season trumpeting
its regal appeal

No matter sun nor drizzle
blue irises claim their place
strong yet quiet, preening
among gardens on the bloom

A vivid reminder to erstwhile
buds not yet into their rhythm
blue irises claim their place
in sun-like glory

Summer awaits its stage-right
cue, peonies awaken, recall
regal kings of spring, these
blue irises claim their place

The viator poetry form was invented by Robin Skelton, (1925-1997). A refrain poem,
the first line of the first stanza moves down one line with each verse. A four-stanza
viator will have four lines per stanza; a five-stanza viator will have five lines per stanza
and so on. No matter how many lines per stanza, the last line is a refrain of the first line.

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