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haikufest '01


By Quiet Seagull

in the golden dusk,
zephyrs steal from the desert
bringing you to me
By Sara Wadington

Spirits circle round
Paradox defines lifes loves
In the chair I sit
I Feel You
By Kaila Chan

Early morning mist
Breaking through desolate dreams
I feel your essence

By Janet Leister

sit in mountain shade
inhale boundless energy
exhale nirvana

By Jimita de los Santos

El Burque shimmers
in a dark blue velvet sky
illusion of fools

By Shakira Moss


On a windy day
Watch it wriggle in the sky
As I fly my kite


Fireflies on my
porch at night, tried to catch them.
too fast to capture


Up stairs to the top
I flew down squeezing the sides
of my new blue sled

by susan Stallings-Dobson

Time Travel

Mist covers the land
creating the illusion
of time unknown.

The Color of Fear

Fear colors the night
Snuffing out the light of brave;
Blackness surrounds us.

Eternity's Song

Howling winds whistle
The tune of eternity;
Listen to their song.

By Bradley Fralick, DMD


 Rain clouds hanging by
smothering the mountain tops
it looks ominous

my small computer
a machine of amazement!
a large part of life

By Sharmagne Leland-St John

In the silver dawn
rivers of chrysanthemums
flow past my window

Beyond the dark wood
the moon reveals still water,
bright like a mirror

In the still harbour
the quiet seagull dances
melancholy dreams

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