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One & All
By Sara Wadington

If only I could write something meaningful
Something brilliantly insightful
A phrase that could make another's day shine a little brighter
Or a tip to make someone's soul lighter
All I know is what I don't
Life is strange
That's all I can say
Some days I'll think one way
Then another day I'll think another way
I see the light
I see the dark
And all the degrees of rays between
Sometimes I see me
Then I'm so confused
Who am I supposed to be
What am I supposed to do
What's right and what's wrong
Every once in a while
A golden light shines around me
I am nothing
The I melts away
My consciousness extends outward
Becoming part of everything that lives
And oceans and mountains and pebbles too
Into the universe
Everything falls into place
Of everything that is
All the world and the universe beyond
And then beyond that even still
Becomes one
Pure bliss
I wish I could explain all this
I wish I could stay there
It’s so amazing
I always come back to earth
And here I am again
About the One and All of things

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