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 by Aurora Antonovic

You opened up a world to me
Of literature and poetry,
With books that told of other lands,
Of fairies fair, and pirate bands.
Delightful tales that magically
Wove words that twilled a tapestry:
A secret place where I could find,
Another world within my mind.
And even though I trembled so,
I still read Edgar Allen Poe,
I searched for treasure, sailed the seas,
And solved a hundred mysteries!
I fell in love with everyone
From Hans Christian Anderson,
To Brothers Grimm, and Robert Frost,
Louisa May Alcott.
I read most voraciously
Lucy Maude Montgomery,
And of these all, my favourite one
 Was Robert Louis Stevenson.
I knew I had to try to write,
Some words to bring others delight,
The way the world sparkled to me,
Through fairy tales and poetry.

And even though you are not here,
You long have passed, but remain dear,
In everything I say and do,
Each word I write,  I honour you.

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