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Wind Song
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

It's night time in my mind
The jasmine blooms again
Just another soft reminder
Of the man I called my friend

Baby knew I loved him
Knew the daydreams that I had
Hope that he'll forgive me
For treatin' him so bad

There's a wind out on the ocean
There's a sighin' in my heart
Told my baby I loved him
Swore we'd never part

They say the devil takes the women
Always makes them lie
Baby please forgive me
Didn't mean to make you cry

Your friends will put me down
They'll say I was unkind
I had no rhyme nor reason
To leave my man behind

And I know that you'll defend me
You'll say that I was right
Then you'll softly hug my pillow
All through this lonesome night

For Paul Rothchild
Kona, Hawaii 1973

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