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by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

You left me
The bleak watercolour skies
Full of thunder and gloom
The house on the river
With fields
Of dandelions
Purple butterflies
And pale yellow Scotch broom

You left me
The swirling river
With her dark overhangs
Murky salmon pools
And fertile damsel flies
You left me
Before the buttercups
Began to bloom

You left me
The insurance policy
And a daughter with eyes
The colour of the mediterranean sea
'Neath thick curled lashes
She was only seventeen
You took away the laughter
And left diaries full
Of poignant memories

You left me
The Charles X bergére
A portfolio of drawings
And a fin d'siecle antique chair.
You left me a box of silver ashes
To scatter
On your beloved Stillaguamish
But most
You left me the silence

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