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On The Beach
by Stephen Mead

Hello earth & stars as well.
How many, & be exact, are there of you?
Party for thirty hundred zillion?
Step this way please. Table coming straight up.
Sit down now. Bend your wands or do whatever
You can with them. Checking a glow? Oh,
Glad to know it, please to meet-----
Sea gull hearted, Iím shooting right for you,
Arms, these northern lit spindles, legs, ah,
Sprite as water bugsí. Zip. Zip.
This exuberance is ethereal.
What? Why, itís easy-----
Energy peeling off the old sleeping pill sludge
& those eyes which were hidden. No more,
No more, small pain coveted brooks. Look,
See how they shine now.-----
Zeal, zeal, Iím sober enough to order a fresh
Round. Clams will do, such drunk down shells
Of mistral music, such toasts proposed
For absent lovers, & their spouses. Yow!
Iím not hysterical, only full of zest, full of-----
Darling, marvelous. Tell me, how are you?
No TB will get us, the retiring heroineís demise.
Weíre far from Victorian. Iím born again, island
Wild. This is my flora, my fauna. Hereís exotic
Coral. Come, wade amid reefs, caress fish.
The tidal pools ripple. There is the moon, our familiar,
Our familyís heirloom. Oh sisters, brothers, we spin
Zeniths, are courtesans waiting for daylight, that new
Constant, that luminous bless-er of these rioting
Sand castles

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