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Cornish Game Hen with Cloves and Dried Fruit Stuffing
from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St. John

1 medium size Cornish game hen
Dried mango, chopped coarsely
Dried prunes, chopped coarsely
Dried cherries, chopped coarsely
½ lemon, with rind
½ orange, with rind
½ cup Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
Juice of one orange
Fresh Rosemary
10 whole cloves

Wash the bird inside and out. Dry. Sprinkle
the cavity with salt and pepper to taste.
Chop the mangoes, prunes, and cherries,
according to the size bird you will be stuffing.
Cut the lemon and orange into rounds then
into triangles; remove seeds and mix into the
dried fruit. Insert the cloves into some of the
fruit. Pour the rum over the melange and let
it "mellow". Gently lift the skin off the breast
and insert the fresh rosemary. Stuff the bird
with the dried fruit mixture. Place breast up
in a clay oven, or turkey broiler. Add the rum
marinade to the orange juice and pour over
the bird. Cook for 1 hour at 325ºF.  Baste
frequently. Cut in half and serve over a bed
of the stuffing.


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