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Postcards to Box 464 

Poetry. "Created from postcards sent to longtime family
friends over a span of 50 years, Amanda Laughtland's
POSTCARDS TO BOX 464 offers manifestations of affection
which so enchant that we are pulled into their intimate space.
We feel as if we were 'the Coopers,' recipients of the
original postcards–reading these poems makes one feel liked
as much as obviously loved! Distilled into a small book with
fittingly spare but evocative drawings by Jen Mays, the poems
read like a travel diary as well, and as such a journal is a
page-turner. The 'found text' even transcends original context
through inadvertent humor. Laughtland's craftsmanship and
emotional commitment makes this project luminous–in her
'labor of love,' her generous love achieves what poetry can:
a seemingly effortless making of attraction"
–Eileen R. Tabios.

Author bio: 

Amanda Laughtland lives just north of Seattle and teaches at Edmonds
Community College. She is the editor/publisher of Teeny Tiny Press.
Her most recent chapbook, Vital to Victory, can be read online or
downloaded as a free e-book for Kindle and other e-readers.

From the book:

May 12, 1981

How'd I ever reach the top
of the Acropolis? I’ll never know.
Practically straight up! Athens
was fantastic. Houses and people

spread in every direction. Rome
was humid, Venice fogged in.
Today at sea for Istanbul
it’s overcast but warm. My thanks

for the seat cushions–very useful!


Published by: Bootstrap Press
First Edition: March 2010
ISBN: 978-0-9821600-9-1
Pages: 83 ~ Poems: 42
Price: $12.00
To order: Bootstrap Press


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