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"He Looked at the Sky as Thought It Mattered" 
         Quote from Ron Rash, Eureka Mill
by Connie Walle

He looked at the sky as though
it mattered. No Channel 7
no radio to tell him otherwise.

The well waiting to fill again
with winter snows. The small lawn
dry and brown, no water in the rain

Bossy’s calf struggling to stand.
Squash fat and yellow to cut and can.
Though the berries thin, the jam
shimmers in jars.

He chops wood, stacks it beside
the barn. Fills the root cellar
with potatoes and onions. Buys
hay and feed while it’s cheap.

Trees thick with green, seeds
grouped like grapes, honey
sweet to the tongue – he knows
the cold winds hold back the snow.

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