Lobster Pot Treasures
by Annie Jenkin

The beach is deserted
and the tide at its lowest,
I walk this jagged shoreline
searching crevices.
Gathering what the sea
has thrown back to the land,
once living under water
cuttlefish, crab and starfish.

Amid the debris
feathers of sea birds, kelp
and rope of many colours,
that wave upon wave have weaved
with bundles of taffled netting
cut loose from fishing boats
sailing the bay, beneath
a ceiling of starlight.

Propped on a rock, a lobster pot
with aged wood and wired frame.
Driftwood, bleached by years
of rolling in sand and sea
some shaped like a fine cigar.
Mussel, cockle and jingle shells
leave their final gift
of twinkling in the sun.

Previously published in the Avocet, Whispers on the wind blog and Waves of Sound Waterfront Anthology  

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