Wedding Preparations
by Nancy Bailey Miller

We've known there'd be a wedding since a year
ago when Jake called Dad to ask him for
your hand. What valentine could sparkle more
than seven diamonds on a band? Now nearer
to that August date you've bought the dress,
a simple linen, white as feathered doves,
and asked to borrow cultured pearls and gloves
I wore some thirty years ago. We press
you for decisions on the swing band, cake,
invited guests. Two thousand miles away
you hike to work and play your 'cello. Day
by day Time gathers daisies, as we make
our joyous plans for you and Jake. We'll host
a veiled tomorrow, those we love the most.

First published in:
Before the Dove Returns, Strathmoor Books, a Division of Tabby House,
Charlotte Harbor, FL, 2004  

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