by Barbara Robinette
34 Poems ~ Artwork ~ 57 Pages
Price: $16.00 (Includes shipping)
Format: 6” x 9” ~ Perfect Bound
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 978-0-578-71273-4
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It has been said that poets feel things, experience things, more deeply than most people;
that the job of the poet or any artist is to create “safe spaces” for their readers to reflect,
to consider the meaning of life, and more importantly the meaning of “their” lives. Others
have said that poetry should entertain, should offer a respite from daily routines, transport
the reader to places never-before envisioned. Whether you fall into one of these categories
or some other (and there are many from which to choose), Barbara Robinette’s latest collec-
tion, Affirmation, will not disappoint. The poet, who is also an accomplished watercolor
artist, will nourish your spirit with poetry that is both wise and witty.


Barbara Robinette’s book, Affirmation, is a wonderful collection of poetry and paintings. Easy-
to-read, these poems identify with everyday life. Robinette leads the reader to deep thought in
some poems, down memory lane in others and just plain comfort in others. The paintings add
extra depth for the reader’s viewing pleasure as well. You will definitely enjoy this addition to
your poetry library.
—Dennise Aiello is a published haiku poet who gains her inspiration from the “stuff” of everyday

The best of the poems in Barbara Robinette's Affirmations capture a kind of presence in the living
moment that is simple but profound. I also love the watercolors, which impart a brightness and a
lightness that perfectly matches the mood of so many of these wonderful compositions.
—Robert Seufert is a retired literature professor whose love of poetry continues to animate his life.

If describing the essence of Barbara Robinette's volume, Affirmation with one word, calm is befitting.
The poems, accompanied by the author's organic, sensitive watercolors, lead the reader into her world
of gratitude for life's simple, and wonder-filled things. She lets her readers see chosen subjects through
not just her eyes, or opinions, but her true heart. One senses, page after page, that Barbara very intention-
ally chooses to address our complexities by reminding us how to calmly uncomplicate.
—Stephen Johnson is an accomplished artist in his vocation as carpenter and as a connoisseur of poetry.

Affirmation, by Barbara Robinette will delight readers who enjoy a variety of poetic styles. In addition
to well-crafted free verse pieces, I enjoyed her specialty forms featuring sequences of Cinquain, Senryu,
Haiku, and the under-appreciated Naani, a four-line poem rooted in Indian culture. Robinette’s original
watercolor creations add a splash of color which enhances the overall work.
—Michael Escoubas, author of Steve Henderson in Poetry and Paint

Affirmation by Barbara Robinette is an enchanting walk down a country lane.  With such lines as
All day we wait for moonglow like a lantern above hills, and my mind wants for no thing, this long
 every reader will find their pulse quieting to a simple peace, sanctuary even.  Give a gift
to yourself, read this book and get lost in the wonderful illustrations, you'll be so glad you did! 
—June Rose Dowis specializes in writing haiku for publication and is an afficionado of poetry
across a wide range of genres.


Barbara Robinette has read and written poetry since she heard “O, Captain My Captain” recited while
watching President Kennedy’s funeral procession on television. She is a college drop-out from the 1970s
and happily earned her living, first as a bank secretary, then later, as a secretary at a university.

Though she was busy working and raising children, the love of poetry always simmered on the back
burner. Now in retirement she has the time to actively pursue both the reading and the writing of poetry.

Barbara writes her poems for the everyday, working person. Several of her poems have appeared
in poetry journals, including The Penwood Review, Iconoclast, Eureka Literary Magazine, California
Quarterly, Highland Park Poetry
and online at Your Daily Poem. Recently, she has turned her energies
to the reading and writing of haiku and has published in Modern Haiku, frogpond and
She has published two previous books of poetry.

She and her husband live with one sleepy cat and a playful dog on an acreage of woods on the Arkansas
Ozark Plateau.


In Praise of Lady Poverty and Her House
by Barbara Robinette

She has waited for me since the birdsinging dawn
and has swept the leaves from her doorway.
In her long dress, she has lit a candle in the window
on a sunny autumn morning.

And I arrive at her house loaded with my baggage of televisions
chairs rugs refrigerators cabinets tables pictures piles of clothes
boxes of whims closets of bedding hiding worry and shame.
She welcomes me with my baggage into her home.
I cannot bear to drag it in it drops by the door.
       Calm and light from her rooms
       slake an ebullience for my freedom.

She offers me the soft chair while pushing the ottoman
under my feet. She brings me lemonade with ice.
She leaves the radio off as she kneels beside me in silence
       in the cool of her home within cedars—
       shoeprints on the dusty floor.
       Others have prayed here too.

The clean wall down to the wood floor.
A table sprouting wildflowers and grasses in a vase of water.
For lunch, she serves me strawberries with sugar
and fresh bread and butter on a flowered plate.

I shall sleep warm and sound this night on a mattress with sheets.
The comforter, she freely gives.
A purple butterfly flits about the room. It sings.

Previously published in 2013 by The Penwood Review.

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