Nature: Human & Otherwise
by D.C. Buschmann
37 Poems ~ 54 Pages
6” x 9” Paperback ~ Perfect Bound
Price: $10.00
Publisher: Independently published
ISBN: 978-8550-9000-8-6
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Nature: Human and Otherwise is D.C. Buschmann’s debut collection.
You wouldn’t know it however, as the poet demonstrates a mature style
coupled with a keen eye and savvy ear for word combinations that work.
Using a variety of forms such as rondeau, prose poems, haiku, interesting
indentations, metaphor, alliteration, repetition, personification and even a
collaborative poem, Buschmann successfully connects the outer, visible
world of nature, with the inner, abstruse world of the human spirit. This
poet has range, wisdom and language dexterity that makes this collection
a treasure more than worth its modest asking price.


A refreshing read that will enrich the heart in these challenging times.
Penetrating observations of human nature are captured in language rich
with imagery and interesting comparisons. I give it 5 out of 5 stars and
highly recommend it.
—David Navarro, Author/Poet, Owner/Editor of NavWorks Press.

The poems in this fine collection shed light on the poet’s deep insights devoted
to human interactions and diverse challenges a human being faces. No wonder
many of these poems have already been published and/or honored.
—Edmund Byrne, PhD, JD, IUPI Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

Denise writes, “Ideas in the queue materialize.” I hope she will never stop trans-
forming her ideas into beautiful poems. Her poetic message aims at warming and
healing our souls.
—Mariangela Canzi, International Translator/Editor, Mariano Comense, Italy

I knew I was in for a wonderful treat while reading Denise’s first poem. She made
me reflect on life and my own journey in particular. Her poems are mini-illustrations
of the dichotomies of truth.
—Hope Atlas, Author of My Upside Down World


D.C. (Denise) Buschmann is a retired editor and reading specialist. She holds a
master’s degree in two content areas (subjects) in education. She founded Carmel
Poetry Group in March, 2017 and Poets’ Workshop, a private international Linkedin
poetry workshop. Her Poem, “Death Comes for a Friend,” was the Editor’s Choice
in Poetry Quarterly, Winter 2018. In 2016, she was a finalist both in the Alex Albright
Creative Nonfiction Prize contest and the Pride in Poetry Prize contest. In 2018, she
was a finalist in Poetry Society of Indiana’s Ogden Award and received honorable
mention in the 2014 Contemporary American Poetry Prizes contest. She has been
published in the US, the UK, Australia, Iraq, and India, including Kurt Vonnegut
Museum and Library’s So it Goes Literary Journal, Flying Island, The Adirondack
Review, San Pedro River Review, Better Thank Starbucks!, Tipton Poetry Journal,
Red Coyote,
and elsewhere. She lives in Carmel, Indiana, with husband Nick and
miniature schnauzers Cupcake and Coco.


A Blessing

        —after James Wright
by Denise Buschmann

Just off the horizon in Corolla, North Carolina,
sunrise creeps slowly above the sea line.
The eyes of two nags, descendants
of shipwrecked mustangs, glare at us with curiosity.
They have ventured forth from behind sea oats
and tall grass to inspect us. My godmother
and I re-shoe and jump the low white fence leading
to the weathered plank walkway.
The wild horses snort tersely; they can hardly disguise
their irritation.
We have interrupted their breakfast.
The gray and white one whinnies, the other kicks sand
as we walk toward them
imagining there is no loneliness like theirs.
They resume chomping, this time on coarse grasses
off summer’s banquet table.
I mean to tenderly stroke the bag-of-bones one,
for he has sauntered over to me.
He is battered brown and white.
“Back away from those horses!” an islander commands.
“They will bite and kick you! Don’t touch them!”
I step back, see.
They have mange fur like feral dogs
and unfriendly eyes.
Suddenly I realize
the horizon is far away,
and their unkempt locks blow wild with the wind.

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