Watercolor by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Trout in Watercolor
by Michael Escoubas

With fly rod in hand
homemade flies by the dozen
hooked in a felt-bottom
see-through case, knapsack
and chest-high waders
in place … she steps into
the raging river, water surging
above her knees. She whips
the rod tip downstream—
an offer of food to the five-
pound trout lingering, still,
in his placid pool. Wham!
Splash! The strike! The C-
shaped bend in the rod,
the troutís frantic surge and rush,
the fight not to give the fish
slack, not to let him spit out
the hook … finally, the net.
All is quiet, but for the thrill
of her fast-beating heart,
the respect between rivals,
all captured forever in living
watercolor … the valiant
fight of this king of fish.

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