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Artist Statement

Creating art is a natural process for me, instilled and nurtured from childhood. My 3rd grade teacher after observing my doodles in class said “Joel you’re going to be an artist when you grow up”. I guess she was right! 
  I continued to excel in my artistic journey. Today, after having a successful business and career as a graphic designer, I am pursuing my passion for oil painting, specifically Still Life and Portraiture. 
  I am a realist painter. My portraits, still life, and landscapes all have a common thread no matter the subject. I always use light and shadow to show form, with a strong emphasis on the use of correct values. This approach, along with close observation, results in the realistic representational paintings I am known for. The challenge of bringing the character, essence, and likeness of each subject to life in an uncomplicated style is extraordinarily stimulating and rewarding.

Joel Mitnick Bio

Joel Mitnick studied at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY and graduated with a BFA in Advertising Design and Visual Communications.
Joel was an Adjunct Professor at Pratt and taught Graphic Design and Visual Communications for several years. While teaching he founded Joel Mitnick Design Inc, a full-service graphic design firm in Englewood, New Jersey. Over the past ten years, in conjunction with running his successful business, he’s been actively pursuing his passion for oil painting, mostly Still Life and Portraits.
Joel has pursued his passion for painting at the Art Students League in New York, where he has been the recipient of several “Red Dot” awards for his excellence in Portraiture.
Nothing captures the true essence of an individual as deeply and classically as a hand-painted portrait.”

Joel is currently an active member and instructor at the Ridgewood Art Institute, New Jersey, where he teaches portraiture and figure oil painting. Joel also teaches Portraiture painting at The Art Center of Northern New Jersey and has an online Zoom class where he instructs students in the art of Still Life painting.

Joel Mitnick | Fine Art
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