Unavoidable … evade dying at your own peril
by Marcel Aimé Duclos
60 poems ~ 103 pages
Price: $14.95
Publisher: Black Forest Publishing
ISBN: 9798521186686
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This book of poems presents an elderly man’s interior journey during the extended year of Covid-19. Living with a life-ending diagnosis, he faces the unavoidable in a poetry that does not shun the real. With seriousness and humor, he writes in the poem El Paso County, that it is “better to die / of what ails me / than to take on / another passenger / thumbing for a ride”.

In the closing poem, Buttonbush, the poet alludes to perennial wisdom when he voices, without any sentimentality: “You reach for me / with your thousand arms / will not let me escape / you needle-touch me / awaken me / anchor me in your blinding light”. The poet speaks to the shared humanity of all spiritual traditions.


In this remarkable volume, the poet faces the mysteries and quandaries of aging and eventual death from a terminal illness with a steady, and unflinching but questioning hand (“that womb-like nothingness waiting for the seed”). With theological undercurrents (prayer surely swings my hammock”), he weaves through Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Native American spirituality and more, along with a plain hobby-farmer wisdom and a deeply perceptive embodiment of the natural world (“I walk the upper pasture / milk weeds bent for winter”). Attention is paid here to sociological and political concerns, all of them expressed with sympathetic, meticulous use of language.
–Judy Clarence, multi-published poet including Quill and Parchment

Marcel Aimé Duclos’s newest book of poetry Unavoidable … evade dying at your own peril is a heart-rending selection of what could be called farewell poems. Marcel explores his past, his present, and his possible future admission into the end-of-life mystery. His poems give the reader a sense that he has found comfort at the end of a life filled with events both joyous and lamented as full of twists and turns as in a maze.
–Vaugh Neeld, multi-published poet including Poetry Society of Colorado’s Showboat, Quill and Parchment, and The Avocet


Marcel Aimé Duclos is a former professor of psychology and philosophy, a practicing theologian and depth psychotherapist, a published author and poet. Without any doubt, he walks the labyrinth given to us all. He still seeks the still point as an unfinished sentient.


Chasing a Ghazal
by Marcel Aimé Duclos

white linen paper gathers
ink of softer colors

new words I speak of late
voice songs that wake my mate

return to years of hope
avoid false fear     we cope

why not maintain again
I pray     refrain Amen

new life does birth in spring
enjoys what life does bring


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