The Song of His Memories
by Joan Luther

When my father entered this world in the third stanza,
Who would have guessed his future in the notes of physics.

When my father left this world like the end of a winter's day,
He left a legacy to many as teacher and friend.

He left an impression on his college students,
To soar on high as inventors or doctors.

He sang beyond the genius of his life on earth,
A melody of solace and fond memories,

Dreams, hopes, and crescendos for his grandchildren became
Their drumbeat for lives well lived in the symphony of life.

Foster children as babies were lullabied in his arms,
While we four children chimed into the fun with him:

Music, games, hikes, woodworking, and much more.
Millions of moments, words, and tunes

Circle around his past, now songs of his memories.


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