Summer Sounds
by Maralee Gerke

Summer sounds magnify
as they wash like a tide
through my bedroom window.
Air brakes, bass radios, gears,
and the clanging of trucks.
A mosquito buzzes in my ear
joining the summer chorus.

A fan clicks and slurs through
the thick air.
Voices echo through the warm darkness
laughs, cries, and intimate conversation
are murmured as softly as moths
banging against the porch light.

New lives and old friends touch
on an elemental plane.
I almost fall asleep when sirens
flare like flame out of the silence.
A flurry of rotors, tell me whatever it is
it is bad.

I wonder why someone had to be out in the
middle of the summer night.
I turn in the sweaty sheets and finally
block out the sounds that intrude on
my restless sleep.


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