by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Here's my father,
laid back and relaxed.
He's having photos taken
for his short-lived acting career.

He's under contract to MGM.
They sign him to play
Rudolph Valentino in a biopic,
but the project is shelved
because they don't know how
to deal with the homosexual aspect
of his life.

Valentino, not my father …

He and my godfather "Uncle" Dougie
Sit on the porch of Andy Hardy's
fictitious home.
Sometimes it is in Carvel, Idaho
and at other times in Los Angeles.

The writers listen to Mickey Rooney,
Judy Garland, Uncle Dougie
and Dad as they chat together.
The writers copy the "jargon"
of the time being spoken by teenagers.

Dougie is on a break from the "Batman" serials
where he plays Dick Grayson/
Robin the Boy Wonder.
Dad is just waiting for his next movie role.

It doesn't come for another 10 years!


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