A Day At The Beach
by Annie Jenkin

Imagine, the sky a cobalt blue
with sugar-white sand
soft and warm on my toes.
A brightly coloured parasol
and soft breeze, soothing and cool
listening to gently lapping sea.

An avenue of flowers
mauve, orange, red and blue
strolling through, thinking
of an evening meal and champagne
but where to go?

The subterranean restaurant
for succulent lobster thermidor,
or to the observatory, stargazing,
admiring the milky-way,
glittering stars or passing comet.

In reality, my day on the beach,
accompanied by constant drumming,
ever present curtains of rain.
Where hermit crabs and starfish hide,
and seagulls screech, reeling away
as the tea shop shuts for the day.


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