Cloud Gods
by Thelma T. Reyna

cloud gods got together this morning
coated lapis on ceramic skies
swooshed cotton contrail on distant hills
and disappeared the streak in pines

got sun to slant on hopscotch puddles
holding fast to concrete cracks
mirrors shimmying my steps
sun coaxed from hiding just for me

who stationed birds on this burly arc of oak
this arm that bends close to my path
who posted birds on this fountain by the fence
bubbling invitations to swoop and bathe

who sprayed all these picket fences white
fixed gates and put geraniums by new posts
got garnet blooms to tap me as I pass
recalling I’m the widow down the street

rain and record colds have prisoned me
with books, keyboards, calendars, clocks
but cloud gods popped genie lamps today
to make this magical world my gift


Originally published in author’s book, Dearest Papa: A Memoir in Poems
(Golden Foothills Press, 2020).


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