Come December: A Collection of Poems
by Colleen McManus Hein
101 Poems ~ 151 Pages
Format: 5 x 8 ~ Perfect Bound
Price: $5.00
Publisher: Independently Published via Kindle Direct
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Come December: A Collection of Poems by Colleen McManus Hein is a delightful exploration of life through poetry. In this collection, the author reflects upon her experiences from the late 1960s to the present day, using various poetic forms such as sonnets, haiku, sestinas, free verse, and prose poems. There is literally “something for everyone” in Hein’s debut book. These poems provide a tour through the decades eliciting memories of childhood, coming of age, and flourishing in maturity.


The 1980s movie Show Me the Money, is famous for the line, “You had me from hello.” The line, of course, was Renée Zellweger’s response to Jerry Maguire’s love overtures as the movie ended. From her opening poem, Colleen Hein “Had me from hello.” She invited me along for an artistic journey full of light, spirit, and an unmitigated zest for life. I was glad I accepted her invitation.
–Michael Escoubas, author of Steve Henderson in Poetry and Paint


Colleen McManus Hein is a lifelong lover of literature across a variety of genres. Her self-supervised training has yielded numerous novels published by Kindle Direct. Her background includes poetry acceptances in high school and college literary magazines in her youth. Additionally, she has contributed to East on Central as well as to Highland Park Poetry, both highly regarded venues in the Chicago area. Hein’s writing philosophy is to write what she, herself would like to read. She covets every opportunity to give back to the literary world which has afforded her so much joy. Colleen McManus Hein lives and writes in Illinois.


There Used to be Radios

by Colleen MacManus Hein

There used to be radios.
You had to hope for your song.

Roll the dial.
Scan the static.
Pinpoint the voice.
Hold your breath.
Don’t move;
There, it’s clear.

if you listen long enough
They’ll play that song.
You know,
The one that some singer
Pulled right from your pain,
Wrote your hurt into music
Exactly as you knew it.

If you listen long enough
They’ll play that song
Better because
You had to wait.


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