From: My Happy Place
           a photograph by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

A Quick Sketch
by Priscilla Turner Spada

I can see Monsieur Matisse
setting up to paint this scene.
He's brought his easel and valise
of brushes, paints, of blue and green.

He'll quickly sketch the larger shapes,
the view's outline, the giant leaves,
the table's cloth, and how it drapes,
then focus on the wicker weave.

He'll paint the floor of midnight blue,
the wrought iron rail, the ocher shrubs,
the vista framed with a pinkish hue.
Add hanging plants, a mosaic tub,

a goblet on the tabletop,
accents of red in a small bouquet,
fluttery birds on the tablecloth.
alive with color, no hint of gray.
What's missing though … woman with cat.
He often posed her in the frame,
with flowered dress, and ribboned hat.
Let's imagine … it's Sharmagne!


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