Summer Dreams
by Jim Wilkerson

a fire crackles
memories float with the smoke
blurry embers reach for the stars and
his tears sizzle with the heat

he began to sing some old cowboy song
one his father used to sing
while working in the yard or
dozing off to summer dreams

wearing boots his father wore
though now they’re much too small
he once looked up into his eyes and
longed to be that tall

the whisper of the owl
the crickets gather round
ancestors once sang to him
upon this same dry ground

having all that he could want
but still not satisfied
wishing only to hear his tender voice
and feel his arms wrapped tight

a prayer and whisper in the wind
a calming of his soul
he sang the bridge and then the chorus
crescendo takes its toll

his song began to fade
to the sound of untouched streams
his father side by side now
dozed off to summer dreams


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