A Summer Love Departed
by MFrostDelaney

And as he turned to walk away, he shoved
his hands into his pockets, hummed a tune,
the one we called our song–when we had loved,
our summer love. It started back in June,

and over records at the corner store,
The Thrifty Shop, where he began to sing
some old-
time cowboy song, as if a door
had opened on a fifties show, and zing!

We were Roy Rogers and Dale Evans on
our Happy Trails, inseparable for sure.
Amazing, being strangers was all gone,
as if we’d loved forever.
                                                Love’s a lure

that poses in an old-time TV show,
that rides the summer breeze into the fall
when he finds someone new, decides to go
as if I were a fill-in show, that’s all.

But he had been like reruns anyway.
He wasn’t my first summer plug and play.


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