Taste of Paradise
by Michael Escoubas

It was here, in the first awakenings
of summer, among the flowers and palms
that he first tasted of eternal things.

Light broke through morning mist, bestowing
something new, a new sensibility
of heaven and of earth. All his life he

had been told that Paradise lies far beyond
his reach, that he must die first, and after
that lifted, on angels’ wings, beyond the stars,

to where only the best people can go.
But here, in this setting, among subtle shades
of greens and yellows, the hummingbird feeding,

the vase of petals, the long-stemmed goblet,
the embroidered tablecloth, all gathered,
in morning light, infused his soul with hope,

that Heaven need not wait for death to call.
Today, in this place, he received a taste,
that set his soul ablaze, in the here and now.


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