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VFVS PRESS RELEASE: Introducing the H.R. 1917 RESOLUTION Electronic Petition. I would like every ones focus on how important it is to get this link out there for all to read and sign to restore our freedoms to use MWR Recreational Facilities anywhere an American Flag Flies.

VA Long Beach Mental Health Advisory Council out of Long Beach VA is in full support of this Resolution. BVA has Signed a Resolution to this matter of closure for our disabled veterans to regain access to MWR and Congressman Bob Filner Sponsored this House Bill 2000 -2004 and with Armed Services not voting on this H/R. Bill when it was active was no accident. WE need a Yes Vote on H.R.1917 from Both the Veterans Affairs Committee and Armed Services Committee to complete this into Federal Law.

VFVS will take this electronic petition to Washington D.C. for the   Million Man March 2006 April 25 and 26 and introduce this Resolution to Re-Sponsor the Bill and make it federal law. The only way to win is collectively.  (RUSTY)




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