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Chinook Salmon Mousse
From the kitchen of Sharmagne Walks Far Woman of the San Poils

1 medium smoked salmon filleted (or one 16 oz. tin of pink salmon)
2 8 oz. packages of Philadelphia cream cheese
2 tablespoons dill weed, fresh or dried
2 or 3 lemons
1 chive
a couple of sprigs of fresh dill or fennel
some capers

Put the salmon in a food processor, add the cream cheese and the dill weed. 
Blend until smooth.  You may add a touch of lemon juice if desired.  Take
your whole lemons and run a fork down them lengthwise until they have deep
ridges running from stem end to point all the way around.  Slice the lemons
into 1/4 or 1/8 inch rounds.  They should have edges which appear to be
serrated. Cut each round in half crosswise. Take a glass bowl and scoop the
salmon mousse into it now put the half lemon slices around the inside of the
bowl with the peeling side up fruit down.  Take the capers and place one
caper on the mousse at the center of each lemon and one between each lemon
where it rests on the mousse.  Take one extra lemon round and cut it gently
into 6 triangular sections. Leaving serrated peel on the top of each section. 
Place five of these thin lemon wedges a little off center in the bowl on top
of the mousse in a flower shape with points almost touching in center of
flower.  Place one caper in center between lemon "petals" Take chive and
place it as if it were a stem coming down from the bottom of the "lemon wedge
flower."  Take a few pieces of the fresh dill or fennel and place small
pieces along the chive stem as if they were leaves.    The overall design of
the lemon slices around the bowl should be reminiscent of a sunflower.  The
small flower inside will resemble a child's drawing.  Chill for an hour or
so.  Serve with Dill Casserole Bread.  (See next recipe)
People may use the bread or scoop the mousse out or they may use
the lemon slices or sturdy chips.

Photo credit: Erica Hill

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