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Monday Matineé
by Sharmagne Leland-St.John

We went to lunch and lingered
Your fingers touching mine
So swiftly flew the time
That the anxious hunched up waiters
Looked eagerly about and vowed to throw us out
Before we'd drunk the last meagre drops of wine
Like arrows flew the time
Out in the noisy streets
With sunshine all around
Someone got it in his head
To take me down into my bed
And sweetly pass the time
Once inside the cavernous softness
Of those billowed sheets
He put away the memory
Of the dusty distant streets
He opened up his arms and took me in
Outside the shuttered window ran the howling wind
The musty scent of winter wafted through the air
While spilling out upon the pillow
Waved my chestnut hair
He kissed away my longing
And left me sleeping there
Without a care
Murmuring his name
Not feeling quite the same
Yet pleased as Punch
Terrific lunch
Ever so glad you came
To slowly pass the day
At the Monday Matineé

Aubrey Walk
London 1980

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