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Porphyria's Reply
 by Janet Leister
With apologies to both Robert Browning and Chris Ingham...

All night long we had not stirred

no need, we sat content

warmed by passions’ whispered word

after life has spent

the darling wish that drew me nigh

aloft on wind and rain

allows no anger, no wistful sigh

your cruelty wrought no pain

beyond the anguish, keenly felt, of

you, aloof, when I called your name.

my shoulder bared, my love exposed

to melt your cold heart’s game

I cup your cheek and slowly draw

your face upon my breast

you feel my heart and desire raw,

virtue laid to rest

you stroke my hair and we are joined

in love's eternal caress

wound once and more around my neck

bound by my own tress

no pain I feel, for you are here

I exult in your burning kiss

a thousand deaths I cannot fear

beside you all is bliss

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